Spacious new location in Holly Hill, FL.

May 2012.    Marktronix Corporation purchases property to serve as primary location for Techs N The City and as a business complex for it's subsidiaries.

The new location will allow for better customer service as well as room to grow other ventures and philanthropies. Marktronix Corporation is determined to make a valuable contribution to this community and a overall impact on Central Florida. Florida Free PC (FFPC), a program developed by Techs N The City, a division of the Marktronix Corporation, is dedicated to eliminating the digital divide in Central Florida. We do this by refurbishing surplus computers, educating families and providing ongoing access and support to those who have received our computers. The experiences of FFPC over the past 3 years has demonstrated both the need for home computers in the community and the "reuse model" as a green way to meet the need.

In today's world, everyone needs access to computers and the Internet in order to join the new economy. Access to education, health care, government agencies, jobs, and other services are all currently offered through the Internet. Not having a home computer has stopped many from using the tools of the "information age." This disparity, along with the lack of resources in the communities, contributes to the "digital divide" that exits in Central Florida.